Cable Hive

The Kickstarter Campaign



The ultimate cable storage solution.

As a lover of gadgetry I have always had a problem with the excess cabling my gadgets come with. My office drawers are overflowing with a variety of USB cables, power cords, audio related connectors and all sorts of computer wiring. I have boxes of cords pilled in twisted tangled messes.

I don't think I'm alone with the issue. So I decided to design a neat organiser for all those momentarily unused, but occasionally useful cables. A system where they are kept orderly, untangled and easy to access.

The Cable Hive design comes flat-packed. Simply click assemble to form a square crate with a inner honey comb shaped core.  A design that is space efficient, functional, but also attractive. 

The 330x330x220mm crate comes with either a 39 hexagonal compartment core, suitably sized for most consumer computer style cables. Or alternatively a larger core size with 20 hex compartments, for the musicians needing to organise their longer and thicker guitar, microphone or other audio leads.

The 220mm depth was chosen as it is a typical wrapped cable length. Once inserted into a hexagonal compartment the cable is easily retrieved and the connector ends can be easily seen. 

The Cable Hive will have a sturdy construction with handles so that it can be carried about. It is also designed to fit neatly into your common Swedish style furniture for a neat display and quick access. It is also stackable for compact hide-away storage.

The development timeline

So far I have made a simple prototype, and tested core sizes best suited for as many consumer cabling varieties as possible. 

My next step will be to refine the assembly connections and produce a final prototype. Approximately 3 weeks. Then following is the tooling process. This will take about 8 weeks. Manufacturing, quality control and packing an additional 6 weeks.

The parts will be made with injection moulded acrylics. Expensive tooling moulds will be required for each unique component. This is a high up-front cost process but will help reduce the final product costs, and also produce a higher quality final product.


Shipping and distribution is possibly the most difficult component of a Kickstarter project. 

I have limited the regions for shipping to keep costs under control. The Cable Hive will be made in China and shipped in bulk via sea freight to distribution warehouse centres based in the United States, Europe and Australia. 

This will take a lot longer to distribute but it will reduce the shipping charges.

Help support this project by pledging for your own CableHive and find the solution to your cable problems. Please tell any of your gadget loving friends to support us and get this product into production.

Stretch goals

To start I can only offer the single colour choice of pure white. But if I reach beyond the minimum goal I could introduce additional colours. I'd really like to make them in the neon fluorescent acrylics to really have an impact.